In conversation with with Rares Banescu,

Posted on 2015-09-22 20:44:53 by Irina Nica
Retargeting.Biz is one of our friends that will join us at SEMDays. As a preview, we had a chat with Rares Banescu the CEO of Retargeting.Biz. Enjoy! What do you think are the greatest challenges for e-commerce owners out. And what challenges can they overcome by using your tool, Retargeting.Biz? The e-commerce world has many challenges today, but as we all know the biggest one is to convert visitors into customers. Nowadays, companies are struggling to face Cart Abandonment, Browse Behaviour, Bounce Behaviour and Subscription...

[Meet the Speaker] Interview with Nichola Stott, former Head of UK Search Partners at Yahoo!

Posted on 2015-09-22 13:52:59 by Irina Nica
Hi, Nichola! Glad you said “yes” to our invitation at SEMDays 2015. I had the pleasure to hear you deliver a speech in Italy this year, at I loved your enthusiasm and energy so I’m super-excited I’ll get to see you again, here in Romania. Now I’d like to to ask you to give our readers a few details about what your workshop will be about? What will be the key takeaways ? Nichola Stott: Thank you so much for...

SEMDays in conversation with The Spherik Accelerator, an organization dedicated to building the entrepreneurial capacity and success of Romania

Posted on 2015-09-22 09:19:00 by seomonitor
Jennifer Austin moved from California to Romania about 2 years ago, and has been working for the Spherik Accelerator ever since. Right now Spherik has a staff of two—but with the mentors and advisors, there are more than 50 people in the team. Jen: It is so exciting to be part of shaping the future of the Romanian start-up ecosystem by bringing more opportunities, helping teams succeed, and creating a more transparent and accountable approach to program management. One of...

[Meet the Speaker] 3 best practices on how to earn links from book author and speaker, Andre Alpar

Posted on 2015-08-26 14:21:52 by Irina Nica
1. Andre, you’re an author, a speaker, you’re the founder of AKM3, one of Germany’s biggest digital agencies with over 130 employees, you’re a serial entrepreneur… And I guess I could keep on counting.  How do you manage to get involved in so many projects? Give us a few tips about how you stay focused and productive. Andre: To be honest: I actually think it is a weakness that sometimes I have issues with only doing one thing at a...

[Meet the Speaker] 5 tips for a successful SEO Audit from Mark Thomas (DeepCrawl)

Posted on 2015-08-26 14:13:58 by Irina Nica
1. An On-Site SEO Audit can make or break a project. How can DeepCrawl help SEO experts improve their work and finally, reach their clients’ demands? Mark: DeepCrawl helps people identify and monitor key issues that could be affecting SEO performance. This includes identifying thin content, checking whether tags such as canonicals or hreflang tags have been implemented correctly, or testing a staging environment against your live site to identify errors before a release. This enables you...

[Meet the Speaker] Interview with Kaspar Szymanski, ex-Google Search Quality Team

Posted on 2015-08-26 13:14:28 by Irina Nica
Kaspar Szymanski was SEO Consultant Google Search Quality team member until 2013, where he has been leading global web spam initiatives, spearheading webmaster outreach in EMEA and evangelizing on Google’s behalf. Currently he offers SEO consulting services, backlink analysis and penalty recovery assistance. 1. You were part of Google’s Search Quality Team for quite awhile (from 2006 to 2013) and you were called “Europe’s Matt Cutts”. And now you run your own SEO agency,, with a fellow ex-Googler....

[Meet the Speaker] Interview with Hannah Smith, Content Strategist at

Posted on 2015-08-25 14:38:55 by Irina Nica
Hannah spent 7 years working in offline marketing (they just called it 'marketing' back then) until her fairy godmother told her that the internet was the future; not one to ignore such sage advice Hannah made the switch to online. As a Content Strategist for Distilled she spends a lot of time persuading companies to create things online. Things which will blow people's minds (for a precious heartbeat or two), things that are useful, that they’ll engage with and...

SEM Days 2014 – a glance from the inside

Posted on 2014-11-03 08:57:57 by SEMDays
More than 6 months ago we started preparing SEM Days 3rd edition – learnings and feedbacks from last year, brainstorming meetings, speakers and content proposals, setting objectives... It was going to be bigger and stronger than last year: content focused, super-speakers from US and UK, larger audience. And so it was: 23 international and local speakers, 9 keynotes, 2 panels, 14 workshops and 400 participants. If you missed SEM Days this year, have a look at our Official Aftermovie and...

Short overview on the last year’s changes in SEM with Cosmin Negrescu & Cristian Ignat. Why should you attend SEM Days 2014?

Posted on 2014-08-13 08:58:37 by SEMDays
Search Engine Marketing is a fast moving industry. What are the major changes you faced in your field, over the last year? Cosmin Negrescu, CEO, SEO monitor: Google makes hundreds of changes every year and some of them are major changes that are vaguely described. The most important change was Google’s decision to hide almost the entire keyword data of organic traffic form Google Analytics, hiding all the keywords under a saw called “Not provided” button. We’ve seen an...

Guest Post by Claudiu Murariu, PadiCode: Is My Conversion Rate Good Enough?

Posted on 2013-09-13 09:00:30 by SEMDays
The conversion rate in the online environment is defined as the ratio between those who accomplish a certain task on the website and a segment of visitors to the site. The conversion rate is less significant when the site has very few visitors and is one of the major indicators of efficiency when the site starts to bring more visitors and buyers. If some time ago an online business owner received a “maybe” answer when asking if his conversion rate...

Exclusive interview: Cosmin Costea, METRO Cash & Carry Romania, talks about e-commerce, SEO and PPC

Posted on 2013-09-11 09:02:06 by SEMDays
METRO Cash & Carry Romania is the first modern trade company launching an online store and benefiting of multichannel sales concept: the synergic effect of mixing sales and communication channels. The platform is targeting offices and small companies of METRO customers, who need office supplies such as: stationery, office furniture, electro-IT and supplies, food and protocol, cleaning and maintenance, seasonal products and gift packs. METRO Magazin online customers benefit of: Enriched assortment on top of the offline stores one Same...

How “Find and Seek” turned into “Seek and Find”: a Google game we all play

Posted on 2013-09-10 09:02:47 by SEMDays
Google dominates the search market – obviously! - suggesting it serves its users pretty well. That means that by using Google, people feel like whatever they need, at any time, they can find. It is a pretty amazing system that marketers everywhere understood and they are striving to get the most out of it for their business. The thing is, just some of them really get the most out of it. This Search Giant is a Perfectionist And Search...

Google AdWords expert, Brad Geddes speaks at SEM Days 2013

Posted on 2013-09-05 09:03:02 by SEMDays
Brad Geddes, founder of Certified Knowledge and author of the most advanced book on Google AdWords, will attend this year's edition of SEM Days. Internationally recognized as an authority on SEO, PPC and online advertising, Brad Geddes will be present both at the opening of SEM Days 2013 and during the second day of the event, when he will hold a workshop dedicated to business owners. Why attend Brad's Keynote & Workshop? It's obvious we are very proud...

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